PV Solar Fixed 74kW BiFacial

PPA 74kW LG Bi-Facials

Another one of our PPA sites is a 74kW ground mount fixed solar sites. This site is using 72 Cell LG385 panels (385W). This particular site just a stone throw from the Rakaia Bridge in New Zealand.

This site gave Kea Energy a much greater understanding of the benefits and costs of using Bi-Facials. This again helps Kea Energy choose the best product for your load profile.

We have found substantial gains in using Bi-Facial panels. The Bi-Facial panel allows solar from both sides of the solar panel to generate electricity. We have found gains over 10%. As with all our PPA's the customer pays nothing but see's the benefits of the Panels in reducing their power bills.

PPA 74kW LG Bi-Facials

Additional advantages.

Reliable Design

Triple Safety Protection From All Faults

Increased Efficiency