PV Solar Fixed 52.5kW with Battery

High-performance Lithium iron phosphate technology

The battery which is installed here, stores 10kW/hr and can release the energy at 5kW/h. The Fronius Solar Battery is a perfect example of high-performance lithium iron phosphate technology. A long service life, short charging times, and high depth of discharge are therefore guaranteed. The result: maximum self-consumption and maximum independence. Being one of the first and few companies installing batteries in New Zealand, we have the benefit of experience.

The Fronius inverter is a hybrid inverter, so it not only converts the power from the panels to the grid, but also the power to and from the battery

If you are interested in any of our systems, please contact us and we can discuss different options further.

One of the Solar Fixed Systems we constructed is in Brookside, New Zealand. The solar system installed is 52.5 kWp in size, and powers 100% of the dairy shed during the day. It does this by direct solar power, and by stored energy.

With the fixed system we are able to store energy during the middle of the day, when the shed is not in use, and we are exporting. Rather then selling the power to the national grid, we increase our self-consumption by storing the energy, and releasing when it is needed.  This is done by using a hybrid inverter. We have found in certain industries, like the dairy sector, this has a huge advantage.

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Fronius Hybrid / ABB
Fronius / Sony
Kyocera / REC
High-performance Lithium iron phosphate technology

Additional advantages.

Reliable Design

Triple Safety Protection From All Faults

Increased Efficiency

Competitive Price

One-Package Solution

5 Year Standard Warranty