Our Service

We find the best energy solution for your site.

Data Logging

We offer advice in finding the best energy solution for your site. Your sites energy usage and load, can be identified using data logging. This gives an accurate picture of how much power your business uses, and at what times of day/night you use it. 

Energy Negotiating

In certain cases we can negotiate with your retailer, and with the information from our our data logging, we may be able to offer a solution to save you money. Our experience in energy negotiating covers general connections right through to major customer connections, and TOU (Time Of Use) metering, to fixed tariff metering.

Control Systems

With our experience in SCADA systems, PLC programs, NMS systems and General Control Systems, we quite often find that we are able to create a management system to reduce and use your energy system more efficiently. Here is a picture of one of our Automatic Irrigation Control Gates.

Fronius Service Partner (FSP)

We have been approved as an authorised Fronius Service Partner, which allows us to repair and sell Fronius products, including inverters and batteries.

Generation Systems

With our wealth of knowledge in renewables, in most cases we are able to come up with an energy saving solution, using a form of environmental friendly generation. In certain cases we may able to offer a solution which will cost you nothing, and save you thousands.

A number of our customers have been very impressed with the level of support and the conservative approach we have had with our solutions.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

For certain sites we offer PPA's, these agreements cost the customer no money. The customer allows Kea Energy to install PV panels, inverters and other associated equipment on some land or a roof. Kea Energy pays for the equipment, instalation costs, negotiating with the retailer and lines company. The customer agrees to buy the power from the solar panels at a discounted rate from the Retailers.