Pile Testing Marsden Point 26.7MW

Marsden Point 26.7MW Solar Farm Pile Testing

In November 2019 Kea Energy and S-Rack conducted pile testing on the Marsden point, New Zealand project. This is a 26.7MW solar farm proposal. For large solar farms it pays to test the ground and with an ultimate team like S-Rack and Kea, the testing went very smoothly and good relationships were made along the way, not just with Kea and S-Rack but the NZ Refinery team as well.

Some advatages of testing the ground, it will check how deep to install piles, expexted times for building a project, are piles suitable and what would be the best structure.

With Kea Energy and S-Rack, we can answer these questions.


Marsden Point 26.7MW Solar Farm Pile Testing

Additional advantages.

Reliable Design

Increased Efficiency

Competitive Price

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