Wairau Valley Solar Farm 2.2MW

NZ Largest Solar Farm MW Utlity

Wairau Valley
S-Rack Tracking
2.2 MW AC
Power Electronics
Yingli- Bifacial- N-type


This is New Zealands first Multi MW Utility scale solar farm, and first installation of a utility scale inverter. Also with the titles as of 2020 it is New Zealand largest solar farm in construction.

With the tracking system we are able to increase the power generated, just by following the sun, this has a huge advantage for selling on the market as you are generating far more of the day. Being one of the only installers of open area tracking systems in New Zealand, we have experience over our competition.  This is also represented by the requests to us, for installing similar sites.

NZ First Multi MW Solar Farm

NZ Largest Solar Farm MW Utlity

Additional advantages.

Reliable Design

Increased Efficiency

One-Package Solution