Automatic Control Gate

Allows for efficient use of water sharing

We also specialise in off-grid power systems and control systems. One of our projects was an automatic irrigation control gate.

For the development of this product, we teamed with a local engineering firm, Hampton Group.  They manufactured the gate. We designed, built and programmed the irrigation control system.

The user selects how much water they need, and the control gate will keep the desired amount of water coming through the gate. This works very well with fluctuating rivers. We have also been able to link in the ECAN (Enviornment Canterbury) data, so the user can see if they are on restrictions or not.

There is one systems in the Rakaia River which has several gates communicating with each other allowing all users to work together which allows for efficient use of water sharing.

Rakaia River
Automatic Control Gate
Controls water level for irrigation
Touchscreen, 230VAC plug,
PLC, Motor, Gate
Manufactured in Conjunction
Hampton Group
Allows for efficient use of water sharing

Additional advantages.

Triple Safety Protection From All Faults

Increased Efficiency

Competitive Price

One-Package Solution